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  • Listening to: green onions
  • Playing: sims2 (its a drug!)
  • Eating: i had food
  • Drinking: ginko-tea
not anymore its SO cold here!
anyway august was not much of a uni break.i worked continusly to buy things for uni.

now well equiped for the next semester i can go wild with arty-farty-thingys!

ok updated my journal .. wow about 2 months with out a update..


  • Listening to: virgin radio extreme
  • Reading: Strata
  • Watching: Ideal
  • Playing: guild wars
  • Eating: (i forgot to buy food D: )
  • Drinking: coffee... its a drug!
... i can't clean up my room without seeing something and thinking of doing something with it.. so i just tried to clean my room 'couse of all the mess i made while "learning" (well learning with me means drawing and model building .. then any of other produktiv learning like formulars and mathy thingis .. ) for uni. i lifed in a pile of paper! i only just saw my bed which was a pile of paper at day and a bed with me in it at night. well i only slept max 5 hours a day the last 2 weeks so.. um where was i.. oh yeah.. creating somthing: so i just made a funky mousepad. a prototype.. its just some brown paper (jeah i recycled something of my tonnes of paper!)and that stuff you put your food-plate on and it doesnt slip away .. (i collect shit i do not whant to know what i hide in my cupboard!)

so.. i must clean my room now. its 1.42 here .. i must be mad!

  • Listening to: no i'm not listening to anything! - strange
  • Reading: Strata
  • Watching: PC Screan
  • Playing: B&W 2
  • Eating: ..banana banana banana banana terracotta pie!
  • Drinking: coffee stuff
i just do not know what to write right now it is now 2320h  (<< see how i do that star trek thingy where they only say the time like: twotousendthreehundredandtwenty hours .. i love it) oh yeah valentines day -.- how depressiv the price of ROSES (and other flower tipes, i like lillies the best) go up every year.. terrible.. AND you should watch a vid on your tube ^^ called: " Roots~Where do flowers come from? " and YOU (yes you!) will change your mind and fell bloodywell sorry that you brought flowers, which have all these jucky jucky stuff on them...why can't we just grow our one flowers here where we live.. or our own veg? (even meat dosen't come from our lokal farmer anymore.... oh no it has to come from the other side of the world!) the price in chicken has gone up aswell -.- 0,30 euro cent when you look at the german mc do chicken-burger...(i do not like that burger it tastes funny... and i think the burger meat comes from the other side of the world too BUT i'm not sure..) AH i'm geting tired and i should stop now befor i can't go to sleep because i have to think where my food comes from and so on.. we are all bad in the end.. yes! shame on me too! (i buy thai veg, beacuse it's cheap for me as a student!) anyway: 2332h (i just love star trek! - phasers to stun!)


and do please watch that vid: Roots~Where do flowers come from?

  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: Lord of the Rings
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Sims
  • Eating: ..lunch
i've started drawing my photografic-work befor i try to photograph it.. but somehow the drawing and the photo don't look a like :D
but i will post more school-things which are great.. :) lots auf colour studies... yellow,green,black,red,pink,blue... bla bla
  • Listening to: Llama Song :D
  • Eating: CHOCOLATE
.. a new journal....

how are you?


sorry, but i'm bored :)

  • Listening to: Amy Winehouse
  • Reading: &quot;Stadt der tr&auml;umenden B&uuml;cher&quot;
  • Playing: GTA San andreas
  • Eating: Nothing -.-
  • Drinking: Soymilk CocoDrink (strange)
i'm soooo tired i've got my exams at uni/school and i had to draw a BIG BIG thing on BIG sheets of paiper and i'm totaly wacked now because i done it at school and only came home about at 0:20. i sat 10h in that dark school with my friend just drawing lines on paiper .. ahhhhh i'm tired :(

good night world

  • Listening to: Amy Winehouse
  • Reading: &quot;Stadt der tr&auml;umenden B&uuml;cher&quot;
  • Playing: GTA San andreas
  • Eating: Nothing -.-
  • Drinking: Soymilk CocoDrink (strange)
  • Listening to: Little Britain
  • Watching: The PC Screen
  • Eating: Bread and Ham
  • Drinking: Soymilk CocoDrink (strange)
ok i'm having a new start at art not realy photogarphie just art ... don't know how jet but i'll find out ... hope :D

I'm back in the land of the living!!!!

ICH LEBE NOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you all .. hahaha

allright, I'll have no internet for a while, soo don't go thinking I'm dead OK!!! :D

see you soon...

Allright, I'm in brighton from tomorrow until Tuesday (i think) uhh can't wait to see all those lovly people i havn't see for ages .. jeah HALLOWEEN in england.. how scary ...

bye bye
NOTHING to talk about today hehehe
allright get this: as we are just about to enter lindau (lake konstanz) my dad wakes me up and asks: shall we turn around and go home? .. i said yes, becouse i didn't want to got to spain, 'couse we go there EVERY F***ING YEAR :P hmm but couldn't he said that a bit sooner like two days before?! then i could of gone out this weekend :P that realy pissed me off!!! I missed a koncert MAN! well to late ...
on monday we are going to the czech republic for some shopping :P well better than spain anyway ;)
Well at the moment I'm recording some really old record of my dad. and i'm bored! but there are some rare ones alswell which is kind of interessting. let's name a thew: Beatles White Album, Empty Glass, Five Pennies... the rest i don't know ;)
Later this day i have to sort out ALL my english children books, becouse i'm giving them to the kindergarden, where my friend's mum works, and she wants to learn english anyway so I'm doing a good thing today :D
My bunnyrabbit is going there aswell for a week, becouse me and my dad are going on holiday, but i don't fancy going there 'couse my dad is teasing me all bloody day and i get really angry at him!!! :P but it's got one good thing. we are visiting barcelona for 2 days, and i'm doing the lot in museums! dali, picasso, miro and gaudi! yeah can't wait :D and the FOOD is so nice down there aswell so thats another good thing :)
now i'm hungry and this BORING LP is over in about 3min -.-

well i'm leaving you now and be back with lots and lots of nice photos ;)

  • Listening to: some LP i have to record onto the pc
... car! With a RufPorsche :) (ruf RS Spyder) uhh i love it, becouse it's in orange and i love this colour hihi.. but i'll never ever ever ever be able to afford it :( but i can still look at it, can i? :D ahh and here it is:

Ruf RS Spyder

  • Listening to: My Doorbell - White Stripes
I must thank IGY for subscribing me to dA :D

hmm now I've got no idea what to write next.. hmm
  • Listening to: Aeroplane - RHCP
Well it's school holidays here in bavaria :) and in 6 weeks my last schoolyear starts -.- after that.. hmm don't know quite.. maybe I'll go to artscholl OR an apprenticeship as a designer (photographie,graphics) well thats it :)

Also endlich FERIEN! Und in 2wochen bin ich 10Klässler an der Real. Und was mach ich danach? Hmm weiß noch nicht so recht, vielleicht geh ich in eine Kunstschule (München oder so) ODER fang ne Lehre an als Designerin (Foto, Graphik, ..).. hmm das wars erst mal :)

Well today is my birthday.. (oh no im getting old!) and somehow this childspirit of birthday happyness is gone.. hmm why? am i just depressive (they've programmed me humanlike and what am I depressive! - marvin) or just grown out of it? well now I'm 17 and I'm still alive, I've got air in my lungs and food in my tummy :) thats all I need!

so heute is mein gebu .. toll bin alt -.- .. und irgndwie ist kindheits freude von geburtstag weg.. warum? bin ich nur depri (sie haben mich menschenähnlich programmiert und was bin ich, depriesiv! - marvin) oder bin ich raus gewachsen? hmm.. naja jetzt bin ich ja 17 und lebe noch, hab luft in der lunge und essen im magen..was brauch man mehr?